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The name Draeger is synonymous with safety. For over 125 years, this family-owned company has been deeply involved in the development and manufacture of products for hazardous gas detection and personal protective equipment to provide optimum safety for industrial personnel, emergency responders and enforcement officials.

One of their early innovations, the Draeger tube, is still an invaluable product for verifying the safety of atmospheres in confined spaces. Not resting on this success, Draeger has continually improved and expanded this line of products to measure the PPM or PPB levels of over 400 gases. The most recent development has been the launch of the Draeger X-act 5000, which automates the process of sniffing confined spaces with tubes, increasing the speed and accuracy of air testing and further enhancing personnel safety.

Draeger manufactures a full line of single-gas and multi-gas detectors that are configurable to meet industry's needs. These detectors are ergonomic, chemical and water-resistant, and shock-proof with long lasting, robust sensors designed and built by Draeger. Without question, Draeger is—Technology for Life.

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